Lincoln Self Reliance - Program Services

Services Provided

Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc. operates offices at three locations in Lincoln County: Diamondville/Kemmerer, Afton, and Thayne;  and one location in Uinta County: Evanston.  These four offices, with their respective residential homes, provide services to their respective counties and surrounding counties and areas.  Click here for our 2020 brochure


LSR provides services with funding from Wyoming Medicaid (adult and children) Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Based Waiver.  Vocational services with funding through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Wyoming Workforce Services, School Districts, Private Pay, and Acquired Brain Injury Waiver. 



Admissions and Eligibility

Persons requesting services must have a funding source in place or seek eligibility for a funding source (i.e., Developmental Disabilities Waiver services, private pay, alternate funding sources.)  For more info, see our Admissions & Eligibility page

Adult Day & Community Support Services

LSR provides Adult Day and Community Support services at three locations in Lincoln County - Afton, Tahyne, & Diamondville; and one location in Uinta County - Evanston.  Adult individuals participating in these programs receive assistance in acquisition and retention of self-help, socialization and adaptive skills.  Services focuses on assisting each individual to achieve maximum potential in the least restrictive environment.  Skills are taught on site and in the community. 



Community Living Services (Supported Living)

LSR provides Community Living (formerly Supported Living) services at three locations in Lincoln County - Afton, Thayne, & Diamondville/Kemmerer; and one location in Uinta County - Evanston.  Adult individuals participating in this program must have their own place of residence.  LSR staff are available on an as needed basis up to 8 hrs. a day to assist with medication management, meal planning/preparation, transportation services, employment services, etc. 

Community Living Services (Residential Habilitation)

LSR provides 24-hr. staffed residential homes where individuals with disabilities can reside.  LSR currently operates homes in three locations in Lincoln County: Afton, Kemmerer, and Thayne; and one location in Uinta County: Evanston. Services provided include transportation to employment and recreational events, medication management, budget training, meal preparation training, daily living skills training, etc. 



Companion Services

Companion services include supervision, socialization, and assistance for a participant to maintain safety in the home and community 

Personal Care Services

Personal Care services include assisting with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, safety and activities of daily living. 



Respite Care

Respite Care services are provided for adults at the LSR facilities in Afton, Thayne, Diamondville, and Evanston.  Respite services are available on a short-term basis for persons who are unable, unassisted, to care for himself or herself. 

Vocational and Community Based Employment (Supported Employment)

LSR is certified to provide vocational training to individuals with various disabilities.  The focus of this program is to assist the person receiving services in preparing to obtain and retain employment in their community. 




Transporting clients from one place to another, using trained staff and proper equipment.